Reality Defying Architecture

A house that melts, a mansion that levitates, a building that unzips or an upside-down tower of 37 meters, well, my friends! If you believe that buildings architecture can only have an ordinary, predictable appearance than you are wrong. We are not talking about someone’s dream but rather these are some of the amazing creations by Alex Chinnek who transforms the landscape of cities with great humor, creativity, and talent! 

Alex Chinneck is a British artist that unities the disciplines of art, architecture, theatre, and engineering. Monumental in ambition and influence, Chinneck’s art and installations generate ideal plots that animate the place in which they stand.  He challenges perceptions of possibility and refuses to let physics get in the way of imagination. His work has been featured extensively by international media with selected projects welcoming over one million visitors.

Scroll on to see our curated selection of his reality defying architectures below and enjoy peeps!












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