20 Incredibly Realistic Pieces Of 3D Chalk Art By A Mother And Her 13-Year-Old Daughter

Street art has many types and forms – it can range from graffiti, installation, sculptures, flash mobs, and even sidewalk art drawings — especially the ones executed in the 3D technique. This type of art usually deceives the eyes, and you will never know how!

Jan Riggins and her 13-year-old daughter Olivia have always loved chalk art.
Before this unending lockdown began, Jan and her daughter used to take part in various sidewalk art competitions. However, now that all the competitions are called off, the two are using their artistic skills to entertain their neighbors with incredible 3D chalk art. Their incredible work has gained popularity in no time and now she has more than 2k followers on Instagram. We have compiled 20 photos showing the most realistic pieces of 3D chalk art from this talented duo. These unbelievable photos will surely make you look twice. Scroll on and enjoy, peeps. Share this exquisite art with your friends as well.

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