30 Breathtaking Balloon Sculptures by Japanese Artist

For most of us, balloon animals are just a fun lil’ party quip right eh? You get one, use it as a sword, it pops out and you get over it immediately. But Tokyo-based balloon artist Masayoshi Matsumoto thinks otherwise because for him balloons are a fun and they are a new artistic medium from which he creates incredibly creative animal sculptures that are so lifelike, we bet you’ll want to adopt one of them as a pet.

The self-taught artist is using balloons of different shapes and colors to bring animals to life ranging from crabs and caterpillars to octopuses and other marine animals. As for his secret, Matsumoto uses the same old technique that all balloon animal artists use: just blowing and twisting but his art is more realistic than any other.

Check out some of his amazing designs in our list below and enjoy peeps!

You can learn more about Matsumoto’s work on the following links:: Instagram | Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter

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