A Calfornia-based Bakery Creates Most Realistic Sculptural Cakes

The appearance of food is almost as important as the taste. A well-prepared dish with a nice look can whet anybody’s appetite, in the same way, a strange food can make you give up eating automatically. This concept of food presentation is taken to a whole new level by a Calfornia-based bakery.

Cake designer Debbie Goard creates wonderfully realistic sculptural cakes through her company, Debbie Does Cakes. Each cake is custom made to the customer’s specifications, and over the years she has mastered this art with perfection.

In this post, we’ve listed photos of 30 illusion cakes by ”Debbie Does Cakes”. At first glance, it’s almost impossible to guess that these photos are not of everyday items and they are in fact some fantastic cakes! If you are curious to see her collection then keep scrolling our list and enjoy peeps.

More Info: Debbie Goard

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