30 Landscape Paintings Framed By Nature And Aaron Schuerr

Aaron Schuerr said, “The colorful landscapes take the viewer on a journey and allow them to experience nature through the eyes of the artist. No two people experience a sunset in the same way and yet we can experience it together.”

Art is what Schuerr uses as a tool to translate the experiences of nature with the rest of the world. He doesn’t make a photograph just with a camera rather he bring the act of photography that seamlessly blends with art to create one breathtaking image.  Aaron started painting early, while pursuing an art degree in Scotland, working in both oils and pastels. He moved to Montana after he graduated, citing the surrounding area as the source of inspiration. And from there on, he’s been climbing the ladder of success day after day. Currently, he has gained almost 25.4 K followers on his Instagram.

Scroll on to see 30 landscape paintings framed perfectly by Aaron Schuerr and enjoy peeps!

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