This Guy Made a New Mini-Mask for 300 Days Straight

Waking up late, wasting time doing nothing, being a pessimist and just asking “what to do” – Raise your hands if you have these bad habits and wanna get rid of them!

Well, we all want to exchange our bad habits for good, whether it’s in business, our hobbies, or our personal lives. We all want to be healthy, energized, and happy. But, folks! Remember losing a habit requires change. And change can be quite hard to cope with every day for the rest of your life. So, the question remains, how can one build good habits? Luckily, artist Răzvan Cel Mar found the perfect solution that we think many of you will find beneficial. Razvan thinks that origami can really change people.

He spent 12 months to #FightAgainstBadHabits by making one mini-mask every morning from a 9×9 cm square of paper and he thinks everyone can do it. So, what are you waiting for peeps? Scroll on to see his collection below and give origami a try yourself!

More info: Instagram

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