35 Viral Animal Images Get Turned Into Funny Sculptures By Japanese Artist

Raise your hands if you don’t love funny pictures of animals or in other word “memes”? We bet nobody would! Often while scrolling through our social media timelines, we all find ourselves staring at a viral photo of an awkwardly funny animal that seems to challenge the limits of reality. And guess what? The talented Japanese artist and modeling enthusiast who is known as “Meetissai”, decided to hilariously bring to life all those viral animal images we all know and love. Awesome, right?

He started spending his free time while making outstanding and realistic sculptures that he found in the dark depths of the internet and the results are remarkable! His project became so popular that there are now a whole collection of hilarious animal memes eternalized forever in 3D form, all thanks to the creativity and imagination of Meetissai.

Scroll on to see our curated selection of these hilarious animal meme sculptures and let them brighten up your day with their irresistible cuteness and humor.

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