Artist Create 3D Drawings That Will Mess With Your Head

Art manifests in many forms, shapes, and colors. One of the popular contemporary forms of art is 3D art. Many artists are exploring their skills in this field and each one has its unique style shaped by their perceptions, culture and overall view on life. While most artists pride themselves on creating something true to form and realistic, some artists really go the extra mile to make their drawings “pop-out”.

A self-taught, 30 years old, Serbian artist is an example. A naturally talented artist who started drawing portraits initially now has more than 20 thousand likes on his Facebook page.  By using colored pencils, markers and pastel, Nikola draws most stunning 3D drawings that you’ve probably never seen before. Listed in this post are some photos displaying his work, and these drawings will surely mess with your head. Scroll on to see them yourself and enjoy peeps.

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