Artist Erases The Line Between Fiction And Reality To Make 3D Drawings

3D art is awesome. It helps in creating incredibly realistic 3D drawings that practically leap off the page at you. The results are often so jaw-dropping that they trick your mind like no other. We’ve seen a serious increase in the number of 3D artists because people are jumping into this form of art rapidly.

An Italian illustrator, named Alessandro Diddi erases the line between fiction and reality and makes his 3D drawings leap out of the sheet of paper. Besides light and shadow effects, Alessandro also uses various props, his own hands and even the very pencil he draws with to make his anamorphic drawings come alive when viewed from a certain angle. Anyone who doesn’t understand the dynamics of 3D art can easily be fooled by calling it magic. Listed below are photos of some of his stunning work. Scroll on peeps. Appreciate his work by sharing it with your friends.

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