This Guy Knits Sweater To Make His Traveling Experience More Exciting

Are you a traveling enthusiast? Well, if you are, then you must know that visiting a new place we’ve never been to before, is always so exciting. We usually try to buy some souvenirs or take thousands of photos to save all those precious memories.  But for Sam Barsky, an artistic knitter from Baltimore, Maryland, it wasn’t enough. To make his traveling experience more exciting, he decided to create his own sweaters that he could wear for any occasion.

He knits sweaters featuring different places. And then he goes to those places and photographs himself wearing knitted sweaters of the same place. What an interesting person, right? Till now, Sam has knitted more than 100 sweaters featuring different nature scenes, landmarks, and popular sights. Listed in this post are some photos that show his extraordinary and unique work. Scroll on to see them yourself and prepare to be amazed. Enjoy peeps!

More Info: Sam Barsky

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