An Artist Creates Mesmerizing Arrangements of Animals and Insects From Freshly Cut Flowers

Flowers are known as the wonderful creations of nature. It will not make you inspired but provides you a fresh and mind-blowing experience by rendering a few number of ideas for creative artworks. Maneuvering flowers in arrangements can be a tricky thing to master. The color palette matters, as does the meanings of the flowers and even any allergies they might cause. Using flowers, leaves, twigs, and seeds, Canadian artist Raku Inoue creates mesmerizing artistic arrangements of animals and insects.

From creatures ranging from owls and tigers to beetles and butterflies, Inoue arranges a wide array of floral elements by taking advantage of the natural curvatures and shapes of his source materials. Although Inoue started it as a personal project, it quickly went viral and is now the most popular series among his 30K followers on Instagram.  He also sells prints of selected entries rather the originals because mostly his original pieces just wither and die.

Get ready to be amazed folks and scroll on to see his remarkable work in our curated selection below:

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