Artist Brings Your Favorite Movies and Cartoons to Life on Her Marvellous Cakes

Most of us spent our childhood fantasizing about our favorite cartoon characters coming to life. Our favorite presents were the things on which those animated characters were pasted. From bed-sheets and mugs to posters and cakes – we wanted to see them everywhere! Deepa Mathan from Ontario, Canada is the superhero for kids today, as she has taken the art of making cakes to a whole new level.

Deepa creates stunning cakes in the shape of our favorite cartoon and movie characters in her cake studio called Spring Blossom Cakes. The details are so perfect that it is quite hard to believe they are real! In this post, we have compiled photos of some of Deepa’s most stunning cakes that will make you say WHOA! Scroll on and see them for yourself, peeps. If you are lucky enough to be in Ontario, make sure to give her marvelous cakes a try. Share this post with your friends as well. 

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