Artist Carves On Tiny Pencil Leads And Its Amazing

Have you ever imagined your pencil lead into something creative? Like a sword perhaps or a pirates hook may be? Well, we bet you’ll be surprised to hear that for ten years now, French artist Marie Cohydon has been creating sculptures under microscopes on pencil graphite leads which vary from 1 to 5 mm. Awesome right? She uses a scalpel and all kinds of needles, from a sewing needle to the finest acupuncture needle to create her amazing artworks. “Graphite is a beautiful material that shines brightly when polished. It is this silver luster that I strive to obtain with each of my pieces using tools which I designed myself,” she wrote on her blog. Her medium of choice can easily break, so the talented artist has to be both light and steady-handed.

We bet you’ll be awed to see her astonishing collection listed below because the artist takes her craft to the next level with a growing portfolio of incredible pencil lead art.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

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