Artist Makes Eye-Catching Animal Sculptures from Old Cutlery

Ever thought of creating spectacular sculptures from your old cutlery? Well, an artist from South Carolina, Matt Wilson certainly did! Where some people in a scrap heap seem to find only unusable old junk, he sees the artistic potential and utilizes them to create art masterpieces. He has an old undying hobby of creating magnificent and intricate metal sculptures out of old cutlery.

Wilson’s artistic journey has been just as unusual as his work. His passion for metallic sculpture began in 2006 when he worked as a director of the Center des Beaux-Arts in Greenville. He bends metal to his will bringing various types of animals to life from objects such as knives, forks, or cuillères. Scroll on to see our compiled list of this artist amazing work collection. We can’t get enough of his work and we bet you’ll be amazed too with the intricacy of his sculptures. Enjoy peeps!

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