Artist Transforms Bananas Into Works Of Art, And The Result Is Surprisingly Good

Yeah! Yeah! You read it right, people! Stephan Brusche aka iSteef is an artist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who has been giving bananas a new purpose for almost 7 years. By drawing and carving them, this artist turns bananas into art, showing that creativity indeed has no limits.

Brusche has created a menagerie of adorable banana animals, as well as banana tributes to classic works of art by Michelangelo and Gustav Klimt, among others. He can see unlimited possibilities with his edible canvas, though his work mainly focuses on animals, pop culture, and Biblical stories. His so-called “fruit doodles” are available for purchase in a variety of forms, including books, calendars, and prints. He has also published two books and continues to push his craft towards greater success. His pure joy for manipulating the fruit is evident in his work. Scroll on to see some of our favorite and quite whimsical banana transformations from his collection that we’ve listed below and enjoy peeps!

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