Artist Celeggs – A Celebrity + Eggs Combo

These days what can’t be star-studded? Right? Well, we know there is always a room in our baskets for traditionally dyed eggs, but this Easter we want you to think outside the box and into your creative side with some new ideas because Karlo and Karolina think you can do better than buying those conventional supermarket dye kits.

Karlo and Karolina are Croatia based brother and sister, who love making fun Easter eggs. They turn the eggs into celebrities and call them “celeggs.”  Sounds cool, eh? The duo of these two has been making celebrity Easter eggs for the past 10 years now with a true team effort.

To start their magic each Easter, they pick a theme and Karlo often does meticulous paintwork while Karolina is in charge of doing hair or headgear out of wool. From Marvel superheroes to Game of Thrones characters, musicians and movie classics – you’ll find a lot in their collection. Scroll on to see our curated list of their artwork below and give it a try peeps!

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