Artist Turns His Breakfast Eggs Into Works Of Art

Who said you have to eat the same boring breakfast of eggs and toasts every day? Poached eggs offer a wonderful burst of life if you get the yolk right and hard-boiled can be a welcome surprise to any curry…but fried eggs are just, well, fried eggs. It’s up to us what we make out of them just like Michele Baldini who uses raw or cooked eggs to create amazing works of art.

Michele Baldini is a talented 20-year-old artist and medical student currently based in Monterrey, north Mexico. His instagram account “The Eggs-hibit” is dedicated to eggquisite frying pan art which will make even the most perfectly cooked plate of eggs look miserable in comparison. From famous characters and landscapes to recreations of famous artworks, such as Van Gogh’s “Starry Night, he is taking the whole foodie concept to another level. With over 27,600 followers on social media, Baldini’s work is becoming quite famous around the globe. Scroll on to see some of his artwork listed below and enjoy peeps!

More info: Instagram

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