Artist Who Represent Furits Into Dramatic Character

Art has no boundaries, and it is an undeniable fact. We admire it when artists find creativity in ordinary things. They see beyond dull everyday things and show how anything quite simple can completely change the way we understand things around us. Suddenly, lifeless items are caught up in beautiful and hilariously adorable scenarios with living characters.

A Mexican artist Alberto Arni lets us visualize what fruits would look like if they had real emotions and feelings, and oh boy, they are so damn expressive! He adds illustrations to photos of fruits and gives them a whole new meaning. Fruits that go through a happy makeover turn to exciting characters with heartbreaking stories. His work has earned him more than 13k followers on Instagram in no time.

In this post, we have compiled photos showing the uniquely stunning work of this Mexican sensation. These photos will surely change the way you look at fruits. Scroll down and enjoy, peeps. Share this post with your friends as well.

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