Beautiful Art Using Lips and Nails (60 Pictures)

Hands down! The world has gone crazy when it comes to art. People have started to think outside the box and they are now creating astonishing art like no other. Their amalgamation with different canvases and objects gives birth to absolutely new creative art prodigies and Baltimore’s makeup artist Ryan Kelly is no different than others!

She creates incredible works dedicated to pop culture using her lips as her canvas. She’s a full-time make-up artist from Maryland and the owner of a freelance makeup company, Blend Makeup Artistry. She has been practicing and perfecting her lip art skills for the last 4 years. Her journey of taking make-up art to a whole new level started in 2015 when she decided to post a picture of her lips with a viral phenomenon ‘Left Shark’ which was first brought by Katy Perry. Now, with the almost 89K followers on Instagram, Kelly is becoming quite famous.

Scroll on peeps to see some of our favorite comics from her collection and enjoy!

For more info check out her Instagram profile.

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