Artist Uses Polymer Clay to Make On-Point Celebrity Sculptures

We all love our celebrities, right folks? From Oscar’s red carpet to the tabloids lining supermarket checkout lines, celebrity obsession is everywhere. Now, there are some people who turn their obsession into great artworks by colliding the worlds of art and showbiz in a dramatic way just like innovative canvas combined with a ton of creativity and a love for the showbiz world allowed Mike K. Viner to discover a brand new artistic passion for creating incredible, unique one-of-a-kind sculptures of his favorite celebrities.

Mike is an artist based in Israel who specialized in caricature and portrait sculpture with Polymer Clay. His work has been commissioned both at home and abroad and he also specializes in custom made collectible Action Figures. He makes each celebrity sculpture about 20cm with intricate details and adds a metal skeleton inside each of them to enhance their durabilty. So peeps! Scroll on to see our curated list of Mike’s stunning sculptures below and enjoy.

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