Hyper-Realistic Portraits You Will Not Believe Are Hand Drawings

Realism, sometimes called naturalism, in the arts is generally the attempt to represent subject matter truthfully and it makes artwork all the more marvelous especially in portraits. Creating amazing hyper-realistic portraits of beautiful models and pop culture icons is what Georgian digital artist Irakli Nadar has dedicated his life to.

Unlike many artists who bet on playfulness and even surrealism, Irakli prefers to perfect himself in techniques that bring his art to the most realistic optics.  The details of colors and strokes, lights, and shadows are so perfect in his work that sometimes it’s hard to believe that they are digitally done on the computer. When Irakli Nadar was asked what was the secret of making such portraits he explained that there is no “special technique” or anything like that. He simply put tons of effort into improving his skills. His goal is to keep making images which are visually astonishing to his viewers.

Scroll on to see his amazing work curated in the list below and enjoy peeps!

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