I Created A Series Called “I Was Cutout For This” To Tell My Travel Stories For Me (13 Pics)

The world is full of interesting people, beautiful landscapes, incredible food, amazing music, and different cultures, right? We bet if you love to travel you know quite well that there is nothing like going on a road trip and seeing the beauty of a new place for the first time. Sometimes, the outer beauty is overwhelming while other times, the beauty is less about aesthetics and more about that first conversation with a local when you are pleasantly overwhelmed by their openness and rich culture. Whatever the case may be, everything learned from your travels turn into a tale worthy of the ages if you know the art of creating something amazing.

Ana Stretcu took her wanderlust to a whole new level and created a series called “I was cutout for this” based on paper cutouts designed to add an aww-factor to the photos she took during a road trip by adding a quirky little twist.  Scroll on to see her incredible collection in our curated list below and enjoy peeps!

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