Artist Repurpose Food To Create Unexpected Food Compositions

Fruits and vegetables are the most utilized commodities among all horticultural crops. They are consumed raw, minimally treated, as well as processed, due to their nutrients and health‐promoting compounds. That’s why huge food losses and waste are constantly occurring in our fields, in our factories, in our restaurants, and our homes. This phenomenon, which we constantly analyze indepth casts a worrisome shadow over the development model that has governed the world’s economy for the past fifty years.

So to avoid significant wastes or by‐products, a contemporary artist BC Smith took upon himself a serious challenge of repurposing the food and objects.  The artist made a commitment to sustainability and zero-waste. All food that Smith uses in the creation of a new piece, he tries to consume much of the time in a delicious smoothie. He creates amusing and thought-provoking scenes by repurposing the food and objects we use every day. Scroll on to see his amazing collection in our curated list below and enjoy peeps!

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