Incredibly Detailed Bird Sculptures Made Out of Paper

Painting and sculpture help other people to see what a wonderful world we live in. – Henry Moore 

The ancient art of sculptures has never lost its popularity. They make us fall in love with history and creativity, all at the same time. However, quite recently, a Columbian artist has created paper sculptures of more than 100 species, and they are surprisingly realistic! Yes, folks, Diana Beltran Herrera in her obsession for birds, started to cut the paper into feathers and construct their hyper-realistic sculptures. Herrera’s work features birds of all kinds, from the sumptuous salmon-crested cockatoo to the fluttering violet-crowned woodnymph. The artist is getting a lot of appreciation lately and she has earned more than 15k followers on Instagram in no time. 

In this post, we have compiled 36 photos of these incredibly detailed paper sculptures. We bet you’ll also fall in love with her work. Scroll on, and enjoy peeps. Make sure Diana gets the appreciation she deserves, and share these photos with all your friends right away! 

More info:dianabeltranherrera

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