Inspired By People Who Stand Out, This Russian Couple Creates Astonishingly Realistic Dolls (50 Pics)

We are living in a world of implausible standards of beauty and Photoshop mania, where ‘natural’ is rarely found. This perfectly symmetrical and flawless image has become an aspiration for the portrayal of realistic dolls. For some, dolls, especially porcelain, are eerie creations found in horror movies, such as Annabelle or cheeky from child’s play. And yet, they usually play a huge role in one’s childhood memories.

Russian couple Anastasiya and Sergey Lutsenko handcrafts amazingly realistic dolls that look astonishingly life-like thanks to their detailed designs. Graduates in classical art, the couple is often inspired by people who stand out from the crowd and since they started working with dolls, they have never repeated a model, believing that each creation is unique. “Each doll has its own history and is one of a kind,” they explained. “It is fundamentally important for us to use decorative elements [and carving] that are unique for each doll.”

Scroll on to see their creations in our curated list below and enjoy peeps!

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