Japanese Mother Has Taken The Concept Of Fried Eggs To a Whole New Level

The most common complaint parents usually make about children is that kids can be very picky about the food they eat. Sometimes you have to go out of the way by using your creativity to make them eat a certain meal. That’s because the taste is not the only necessary thing to impress the little ones; the visual representation of the food also counts. A lot of hard work is required to full fill the nutritional needs of our picky eaters.

 Etoni Mama – a Japanese mother is one of those mothers who mastered the art of ”cooking with style” to satisfy her little ones. With no prior training, the Tokyo-based talented mother has taken the concept of fried eggs to a whole new level. She was convinced to post photos of her extraordinary work on Instagram and since then, she has gained more than 118k followers. In this post, we have collected some photos from her Instagram account that displays the exquisite food art. Scroll on, and enjoy peeps.

More info: Instagram

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