An Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic Drawings ONLY By Using Colored Pencils

“Drawing is rather like playing chess: your mind races ahead of the moves that you eventually make.” David Hockney

 How good was the time when we used to make pencil sketches that were close to the art of Picasso. *wink wink* They were one of the best childhood memories we had when we thought no one could beat us in terms of art!

Well, joke apart, color pencil art can be mind-blowing if it is done the right way. An Argentinian illustrator, based in Buenos Aires is stunning the world by his unique and charismatic art. Nestor Canavarro is inspiring the world with his portrait drawings that are made entirely out of colored pencils with the utmost attention to detail, especially skin texture! It is quite hard to believe that these majestic portraits are made ONLY by using pencils! 

In this post, we have combined photos showing some of Nestor’s work. Scroll on, and enjoy peeps. Share these hyper-realistic photos with your friends as well. 

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