An Intricate Jewelry Series Made Almost Entirely From Paper

One of the biggest obsessions in almost every woman’s life is jewelry and we bet every woman out there will agree with us!

Whether it’s a teen from college or a celebrity – the love of jewelry is always there. Over the years you must’ve seen the diversity and variety that comes in jewels, but you know what you might have never heard? It’s the jewelry made almost entirely by paper. Sounds unbelievable, right? Well. Keep scrolling and you’ll find out!

A Singapore-based design consultancy, Insecta iridesce is a jewelry series designed to showcase the metallic printing capabilities of fuji xerox’s Iridesse™ production press.  They made jewels almost entirely from paper, the delicate pieces each feature a species of insect with gem-like bodies bearing striking colors including vibrant greens, radiant purples, and shimmering gold and silver. Listed below are 14 photos from their collection of intricate paper-made jewelry series. Scroll on peeps to see them yourself and be amazed!

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