Pebble Art By Hungarian Artist Szilajka Erzsebet

Pebbles are just like people, every piece is different from the other, and all of them having a history. If you’ve collected pebbles in your childhood you’d certainly understand how all of them come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The diversity we see in something as simple as pebbles is fascinating. However, your hobby would’ve surely not gone beyond just collecting them. But, one pebble collector and artist, Erzsébet Szilajka, sees every rock as a possible piece of her incredible pebble art. The Hungarian artist has almost 4.6k followers on Instagram and 40k fans on Facebook. Erzsébet enthusiastically gathered pebbles and made incredible pebble art from them. She says, “The color and shape of the pebbles, the richness of their patterns and the beauty of nature inspire my pebble pictures and works of art.”

In this post, we have compiled 30+ photos showing the best of her work. Scroll on, peeps. Share these photos with your friends as well.

More info: Szilajka Erzsebet | Facebook | Instagram

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