These Marvelous Feather Paintings Are The Most Unique Form of Art

If you’re a fan of arts, we bet you’ll definitely fall in love with this post!

One of the best things about living in the age of technology is that we can see so many different art skills online. From the amalgamation of different art forms to the new birth of absolutely creative styles, we have unlimited access to art diversity.

Imogen Clark, the artist behind DustySoulsArt, is a master of intricacy. She has a knack of creating breathtaking works on a canvas nobody ever imagined. She paints on birds feathers and hence known as “the feather lady.” It’s a skill that she acquired through years of patience, much practice, and understanding of birds. Her marvelous feather paintings are the most unique form of art on the internet.

Scroll on to see some of our favorite photos from Clark’s collection and enjoy peeps!

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