This Instagram Is So Satisfying It Will Give You An Eyegasm (30 New Pics)

Hands down, this is one of the most satisfying posts that we have come across. It’s perfect for all the folks who have a drift towards aesthetics, flawlessness, and great attention to detail. The satisfaction of seeing orderliness is priceless for every perfectionist and no one knows this better than Adam Hillman.

He’s a visual artist who is obsessed with perfection and aesthetics. Adam creates satisfying colorful patterns using everything from LEGO bricks to various foods and candies. Though he occasionally uses everyday objects such as coins and crayons in his pattern arrangements, Hillman primarily aligns elements that are perishable and prone to expiring quickly. He calls himself an “object arranger and sees the beauty in things organized neatly. If you look at his eye-pleasing projects, you’ll see that Hillman can transform even the most mundane objects into something truly beautiful.

Without further ado, scroll on to see some of our favorite photos from Adam’s collection and enjoy peeps!

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