Violent Plush Toys by Patricia Waller

Are you curious to know what plush toys are? You probably think of something very cute and soft you go to sleep with. Well, Patricia Waller, a Germany based artist will make you think otherwise as her toys are somewhat different from the normal ones.

Patricia’s work looks like completely harmless at first sight, but if you take a closer lookyou will discover biting irony and a strong dose of nastiness. The artist is interested in our fears and our ability to suppress them – that’s why Patricia plays with various themes that we usually ignore like fears of aging, illness, and disability.

In this post, we’ve listed 13 photos of violent plush toys made by Patricia Waller. While looking at the pictures, most people don’t realize that these toys are really huge – for instance, the shark is almost two meters long! Scroll on peeps and take a look!

For more information, check out her website:














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