What If Disney Characters Were Modern Human Beings?

Many of us have grown up loving Disney animated films. They are classics in our eyes, and we love these characters so much that they feel real to us.

Many artists have reimagined our favorite Disney characters that go against the Disney ideals. They have created Disney princesses into 21st-century teens or even vampires, they have merged many Disney tales with famous action movies and they have even given Halloween style make-overs to our favorite Disney side-kicks. But, Chilean digital Artist “Fernanda Suarez”, dreamt up a different concept. She illustrates beautiful Disney princesses in hip, present-day fashion and creates them as modern HUMANS.  The artist thought through even the intricate details, giving her reimagined characters traditional clothes and accessories that are nods to the original tales.

Let’s go down the rabbit-hole and scroll on to check how incredible our beloved Disney characters look in their modish getup. Enjoy peeps!

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