These Tattoo Artists Beautifully Turned Scars Into Works of Art

“Some of us can begin to heal the damage people have done to us by escaping the situation, but some of us need more than that. Tattoos make statements that need to be made. Or hide things that are no one’s business. ― Tammara Webber
There is no doubt that tattoos sometimes changes your perspective. Body art may take a whole new meaning when a person has been through hard times. They can make some long lost memory a permanent one, engraved into your skin for forever.

In this post, we have compiled a list of 16 photos where tattoo artists turned scars into works of art. The people in these stunning photos were brave enough to show their wounds to the whole world. If you are going through hard times, these photos will surely be a relief. Scroll on peeps. Share these amazing pieces of art with your friends and admire all the strong people in them!






















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