30+ Amazing Leg Tattoos Designs

Tattoos make a bold statement and last a lifetime unless surgically removed. They are done by injecting ink under the layer of the skin. So, when you think of getting a tattoo, legs are rarest the body part that comes to mind. Though we think, the calf or full leg is a great place for a tattoo because it can be easily displayed or easily concealed depending on the occasion. Women tend to put tattoos on the ankle area or high up on the thigh while a lot of men opt for calf area tattoos or full leg sleeves. And guess what? The level of pain is also low, probably due to the fact that the leg is a meaty area and so it has become quite a popular place for all sorts of designs.

In this post, we have listed up 30 amazing leg tattoo designs that are both meaningful and beautiful. Scroll on peeps and browse through these photos to find your inspiration for getting one yourself. 

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