36 Times People Brilliantly Turned Their Scars Into Tattoos

Scars, whether they are reminders of a happy childhood and amusing memories or earned through self-harm, injury or surgery, can be a blot to an otherwise clean canvas. Some learn to cope with it and get stronger; some don’t and wish nothing but to forget and let go. For the latter category of people, there are ways that a tattoo can transform a scar into a beautiful work of art.

If you are one of the millions who have such unsightly scars, birthmarks, and other blemishes, remember they are a reminder of not just your pain, but your experiences and what you endured to get where you are today. They’re like a medal commemorating your struggles and serving as a reminder to pat yourself on the back for making it where you are today. So, adorn your scars with brilliant tattoos like the ones we have listed below. Scroll on to see how cleverly these people turned their scars into art using tattoos. Enjoy peeps!

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