The Artist Creates Temporary 3D Paintings On Her Left Hand And Her Skills Are Truly Commendable

Art comes in many forms, shapes, and colors. One of the popular contemporary styles of art is 3D art. Don’t you think 3D art is awesome? It sure is, right? And that’s why it has become one of the most trending forms of art these days. It is basically a two dimensional illustration that gives you an optical illusion of being three dimensional. Many artists are exploring their skill in this field and each one has their own unique style shaped by their perceptions, culture and overall view on life. And the artist Iantha Naicker (Deaf) is no exception. Her skills are truly commendable. She really enjoys creating 3D paintings on her left hand. While describing her favorite tools she said, “I use two types of watercolor pencils – Lyra, because it’s soft and light – Karat, because it’s a little harder and darker and creates depth. I mix them with water and acrylic colors.”

In this post we have listed up some of our favorite photos from Naicker’s collection. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

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