Makeup Artist Creates Surreal Optical Illusions

Ever thought of turning your face into 3D optical illusions? Sounds insane, right? Well, not for Luca Luce, With a few strokes of a brush, a good amount of makeup, and a blank forehead, Luca Luce makes the impossible possible through the art of illusion.

He is an Italian artist who showcases the astonishing power of makeup, creating mind-blowing looks that are equally creepy as they are captivating. Luce has been working as a TV celebrity makeup artist for over 18 years, but only started creating his optical illusion makeup looks in 2014. He’s come a long way since then and gained almost 268K followers on his social media. Firstly Luce started using his hands as a canvas but, eventually moved his work to his forehead, which he now “carves”, “pierces” and “distorts” using only makeup supplies and mountains of talent. Scroll on to see our compiled list of his amazing artwork below and enjoy peeps!

More info: Instagram | Facebook

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