Talented Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Cartoon Characters

We all know makeup can do wonders!  It helps hide blemishes as well as makes your eyes pop. Some people use their body as a canvas to transform into other characters from movies while others use it to turn themselves into cartoon characters. Annie Thomas is among the latter category.

Annie is an incredibly talented young makeup artist from Pennsylvania who works part-time in a winery, and apparently, uses the rest of her time in making astonishing artworks.  She primarily transforms herself into famous cartoon characters and focuses on minimalism. In her tutorials, she shows that there is no need for high-quality makeup or super-talent, but rather you only need creativity and patience to do wonders.

From beloved Simpsons to nostalgic Flintstones or courage the cowardly dog, you name it and she has probably already done it. Scroll on to see our compiled list of some of our favorite work from her collection and enjoy peeps!

Check out her Insta profile for more info: Instagram

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