An Artist Inspires The World By His Sweet And Meaningful Artwork

Every day, we’re flooded with stories about how the world is going to hell. War, poverty, pollution, all kinds of atrocities flung at us from all directions, and it’s enough to draw even the most lighthearted person into a pit of despair. Depression and anxiety surround us like fire, burning every nook and corner of our planet. With all of this going on, it is soothing to know that love encircles us as well. All it takes is an eye of creative artists to change your perspective about the world and the objects in it.

Lim Heng Swee, aka ilovedoode, is a Malaysian illustrator who inspires the world by his sweet and meaningful artwork. With more than 210k followers on Instagram, Lim is inspiring people from all around the world!

In this post, we have listed 15 of his photos that may change the way you see the regular objects. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to share these adorable drawings with your friends.

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