20 Funny Characters By Mr. Bean

Doesn’t the thought of Mr. Bean instantly make you smile? We bet it does! Raise your hands if you haven’t enjoyed his quirky facial expressions and silly antics with his beloved stuffed bear “Teddy.”  And guess what? We are not the only fans of Mr. Bean, Piney artist Elmer DS Saflor is a huge fan too who created 50 shades of Mr. Bean just out of fandom!

The artist loves to create Mr. Bean versions of different characters in hilarious caricatures inspired from composed parodies of famous cartoon characters like Ben10, Baymax of Big Hero 5, Vegeta of Dragon ball Z and many more. Saflor first featured his work on the Facebook page Pepeng Pinakamalupet where the post garnered over 70,000 shares and since then he’s gaining popularity on social media. Scroll on to see our compiled list of 20 most favorite Mr. Bean fictional characters from his collection. and enjoy peeps!

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