20 Re-Drawing Of Famous Cartoon Characters

The prevalence of the internet is that it has made the global world local, and it has brought forward a lot of artists in many diverse fields. One of the common fields of art in our age is digital drawings and illustrations in different genres. The genre of drawing pop culture characters has seen many talented artists but Amy Sherrier stands out among them due to the exceptional skills.

She is a talented illustrator who works as a character designer for Floyd County Productions. Although she says she likes doing silly things in her free time but folks, we totally disagree! Her art series is the sole proof to back up our claim.

Amy perfectly redraws characters from pop-culture making them more realistic by adding incredible details to each character. Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo or Dee Dee from Dexter, are famous iconic cartoon characters that she has realistically recreated. Scroll on to see some of her amazing artwork in the list below and enjoy peeps!

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