30 Realistic Drawings of Disney Characters That Seem to Come to Life

Walt Disney Studios is an essential part of most people’s youths, creating unforgettable characters that have stuck with us for many generations. Disney’s style has always been famous for its heartwarming stories and fearless characters. That’s why many artists follow the same manner and give Disney princesses modern makeovers while keeping the old Disney theme.

However, have you ever wondered how our favorite Disney characters would look like if they turn real? As fascinating it may sound, it is impossible for many people. But, not for a 28-year-old Finnish artist Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen. Just like many of us, he has grown up with Disney cartoons, and the animated characters have become his limitless source of inspiration. During the last few years, Jirka has been creating their portraits, and the images look astonishingly realistic.

In this post, we have compiled 30 photos showing some of the most stunning work he has produced. Scroll on and check them out, peeps. Do not forget to share this gallery with all the Disney-enthusiasts out there.

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#1 Moana From Moana

#2 Belle From Beauty And The Beast

#3 Captain Li Shang From Mulan

#4 Prince Eric From The Little Mermaid

#5 Princess Anna From Frozen

#6 Nakoma From Pocahontas

#7 Eugene Fitzherbert / Flynn Rider From Tangled

#8 Princess Jasmine From Aladdin

#9 Cruella De Vil From 101 Dalmatians

#10 Kocoum From Pocahontas

#11 Kocoum From Pocahontas

#12 Ursula’s Alter Ego Vanessa From The Little Mermaid

#13 Thomas From Pocahontas

#14 Esmeralda From The Hunchback On Notre Dame

#15 Tinkerbell From Peter Pan

#16 Queen Elsa From Frozen

#17 Hades From Hercules

#18 Pocahontas From Pocahontas

#19 Prince Phillip Fom Sleeping Beauty

#20 Tiana From Princess And The Frog

#21 Kristoff From Elsa The Snow Queen

#22 Ursula From The Little Mermaid

#23 John Smith From Pocahontas

#24 Mother Gothel From Tangled

#25 Prince Adam / Beast From Beauty And The Beast

#26 Prince Naveen From The Princess And The Frog

#27 Snow White From Snow White

#28 Mulan Fom Mulan

#29 Princess Jasmine From Aladdin

#30 Lady Tremaine From Cinderella

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