"A Colombian Artist Turns Deep Truths Into Charming Comics, and We Just Can’t Get Enough "

Do you like fun comics? Well, if you do, then you must be lapping them up whenever you can lay your hands on them. Well, a famous Columbian Illustrator Andres Colmenares brings a breath of fresh air into the comic scene with its simple and decent humor that hardly takes more than one frame to convey. Known by the name Wawawiwa comics, Andres’s work is being followed by more than 750k people on Instagram! The humor in his work is surely unique and it’s certainly surprising to see how an illustrator infuses humor in such unusual places and creates such masterpieces that range from animals, fruits, vegetables and whatever his inventive imagination can imagine, to deliver it.

In this post, we’ve compiled 30+ photos showing some of his extraordinary work. Scroll down and check it out yourself. Enjoy peeps!

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