A German Artist Illustrates the Bitter Truth About the Modern World, and It Got Us Thinking

Making the world a better place”, you must have heard this term somewhere before. Well, some good souls on this planet are also making an effort to do so. Illustrator, eco-designer and nature lover Steffen Kraft is one of those good people who are inspiring people from their work, and constantly working to make this world a better place. From political and environmental concerns like global warming to social pressure and technology addiction, many people can relate to feeling overwhelmed by modern life.

Steffen creates thought-provoking illustrations that visualize the bitter truth about the modern world. His purpose is to draw attention to social and environmental problems, to motivate people to live in a better way and relate to each other more kindly. We’ve compiled 30+ photos of his wonderful illustrations that will surely take you in deep thought. Scroll on peeps. Share these photos with your friends as well.

More Info: Steffen Kraft

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