An Artist Pictured “The Little Mermaid” in a New Way, and We Love It Even More Than the Original

We all remember 1989 gem, “the little mermaid” right? The magical and musical tale of mermaid princess Ariel along with loveable sidekicks Sebastian and Flounder and the rest of the gang (Ursula included) is shore to make a splash with all generations. The Little Mermaid introduced us all to the wonderful world of merpeople and Ariel’s passion to explore life and find love on land.

A talented Ukrainian artist Andy Ivanov reimagined this mysterious story of the little mermaid and created a touching one called “May, the Mermaid of Lily Lake” that has quickly become a hit on the internet. He captivated the attention of his over 212,000 followers by sharing one piece of the story at a time leaving thousands of people holding their breath until the next episode. In addition to emotional storytelling, his fine digital artwork is quite eye-pleasing and we love it even more than the original. Scroll on to see his illustrations listed below and enjoy peeps!

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