An Artist Turns Disney Princesses Into Hot Beauties That We Haven’t Seen Before

We all love to see our iconic Disney characters into different getups. What? You think you’ve seen every spin on Disney princesses imaginable but, you are wrong, my friends! Although numerous artists around the globe have reimagined them in countless creative ways, from real-life royalties, anime-style princesses to empowered working women still, Russian artist and illustrator Andrew Tarusov took a slightly more sinister approach towards the purity of Disney’s princesses. He illustrated them off as pin-up models that we have never seen before.

Andrew likes vintage style Pin-Ups and old fashioned comics, so he takes inspirations from old photos, posters, and movies especially the ones from 40’s and 50’s era.

In this post, we have listed up some of our favorite photos from Andrew’s collection. Scroll on peeps and see them all for yourself. Enjoy!

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