Artist Recreates Famous Personalities as Dolls

If you’re willing, you can transform anything into famous people of your choice, and that’s what the Italian digital artist Dito Von Tease did for his “iDollz” project.

iDollz is the combination of the words “idol” and “doll”. It’s a series of portraits of contemporary pop idols represented as dolls. With this series of portraits, the artist explores the meaning of contemporary simulacra and seeks to show the importance they have in the actual era. From actors and singers to world leaders, he believes that the representation of celebrities as dolls reveals the mystery of their power and influence on mankind as they become idols of many people in the world.

Tease studied in the best Italian schools of fine arts, communication, and design. His work has been reviewed and published in worldwide newspapers, magazines, and books. He also inspired many advertising campaigns and attracted collaborations with celebrities.

Listed in this post are some of our favorite photos from his iDollz collection. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

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#1 Kim Jong-un

#2 Amy Winehouse

#3 Charlie Chaplin

#4 Albert Einstein

#5 Frida Kahlo

#6 Elvis Presley

#7 Papa Francesco

#8 Barack Obama

#9 Freddie Mercury

#10 Marilyn Monroe

#11 Queen Elizabeth Ii

#12 Dalai Lama

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