Artist Depicts Popular Drinks As Cartoon Characters

Raise your hands if you don’t enjoy what we call guilty pleasure of drinking sodas, even though we know they are bad for us *wink*. However, let’s be honest, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, 7up, we know our favorite sodas by their taste and name but what would they be like if they were to look like as cartoon characters? As weird as it sounds, Korea-born Canadian artist who goes by nickname Sillvi has skillfully transformed our sodas into imaginative cartoon characters and created a whole series with this concept.

With 292K followers on social media, Silvi took suggestions from fans and followers alike that’s why the Illustrations took a variety of popular drinks and showed what they might look like if they were reimagined. Interested much? We were too, folks! Keep scrolling to see our curated selection below and check out if Sillvi_Illustration’s cartoon characters best represent your favorite sodas or not. Enjoy peeps!

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