Artist Reveals The Secret Lives Of Our Beloved Characters In Most Hilarious Way

Have you ever wondered what would happen if our beloved pop culture characters and superheroes were not doing their real jobs of saving the world? Perhaps they would reveal their secret private lives? Or maybe, give us all sorts of weird and slightly NSFW situations that turn out to be quite hilarious? Imagine Ariel getting ready to eat Nemo, He-Man straightening his hair, or Chewbacca shaving his legs. We bet their lives would be incredibly hilarious for everyone, don’t you think?

Illustrator and cartoon artist Ed Harrington has been creating a series of images on this same concept. He studied illustration and graphic design at Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked as a graphic designer for the past 20 years so it’s not hard to see where he’s got the skills.  Scroll on too see his amazing collection in our curated list below and prepare yourself to go rolling on the floor laughing. Enjoy peeps!

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